7 Ways To Go To A Bar By Yourself And Still Have Fun



So your stuck in a city on business, or maybe your friends are being lame and you are just rip-roaring and ready to go out.  Your dying to have some fun.  So you think “I can go to a bar by myself”, heck you don’t need anyone to have fun, you are a social person, you can make friends and find fun, right?  But in the back of your mind you picture that lonely guy sitting at the bar wearing a trench coat; intermittently peaking over his hunched shoulders and sipping his Manhattan, all the while firing creepy remarks to the cute bartender.  Man, you really don’t want to be that guy.


Number 7:  Immediately tip the bartender $20, and tell them I want to have some fun tonight

This will get the party started for sure!  By tipping the bartender $20 for one drink, it lets her (or him) know that you mean business, and for them to earn some dough they better make sure they help you have fun.  This might include giving out some shots on the house to some random people on your behalf.  When you give random people shots they usually want to hang around you in hopes for more shots.  It’s like a snowball effect really.  Just make sure those shots go to a fun-looking group of peeps to solidify ensuing entertainment.


Number 6: Tell the person next to you “I’m not from around here, where’s your favorite place to go out?”

In general, people want to help people.  If you people-watch for a few minutes and pick out a group of people that appear friendly and look like they are having fun, you will probably get an engaging answer.  Tell them you are “here on business” and would love to experience “all this town has to offer”.  If you have a boring job, make up a new one.  ”What do I do? I’m an Undercover Theft Analyst and I go from city to city trying to steal things from large department stores to test their security”.  Play your cards right and you’ll have a wild night.


Number 5: Tell the DJ to play “Call Me Maybe”

For some reason everyone loves this song so if you request this song and tell the DJ to announce your name.  You will probably get phone number drops from guys and girls alike.


Number 4: Wear beads around your neck and sunglasses on your face; act like you just came from a party

Sit down at the bar and immediately order 2 shots and a vodka Red Bull©.  Then turn and give one of the shots to the cutest girl or guy you can find that looks willing.  Blurt out, “Woo baby! I just came from the wildest party, it had foam, fog machines and a DJ”.  If you’re not out-going enough to do this, take a couple more shots first to loosen up a bit, but I’m telling you people like people who are having fun.  Immediately tell them a story about how your friend tried to surf the top of a Rubbermaid© container down a flight of stairs and took out a group of girls in bikinis.  The rest is history.


Number 3: If your a female, be friendly to girls and flirt with the wildest guy you can find

This is pretty self explanatory but I felt like I had to mention it because some girls don’t realize their power.  If you’re moderately attractive, you will have guys wanting to impress you with drinks and mostly ridiculous attempts at pick up lines.  And if you’re friendly, other girls will be open to hanging out with you.  If you’re a bitch, no one will like you.  Write that one down.


Number 2: Write a list of crazy to dos and ask people to help you complete them

Think bachelor or bachelorette party.  Pretend you are a member of the wedding party and you got sent out to complete a list of tasks throughout the city.  Make sure the list includes doing body shots at 3 different bars with the same person, changing shirts with someone of the opposite sex and coming up with a secret handshake with a midget (This one should keep the night going).


Number 1: Tell the manager that you are the Fun Analyst for a blog called Project Rock City

Your job is to go around to different bars and test out the “fun rating”.  The most fun bars/ clubs get a feature spot on ProjectRockCity.com.  In our experience this works very well.  If you don’t believe us, check it out for yourself.


So when you are sitting home or in your hotel room by yourself, think of us and our tried, true and “thoroughly” tested tips, tricks and tally-whips…..

…..just get out and have some f*cking fun




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