Break The Chain (Restaurants) – Excellent Steak at Scotch ‘n Sirloin

If there’s one thing I rarely tolerate are chain restaurants.  Unless you are travelling somewhere and need a bathroom break or have a severe glucose/brain matter deficiency, there really isn’t any good reason to visit some soulless, slogan having palace of despair…or that’s how they feel to me.  So that’s why I try my best to find the local joints that make decent food even if it’s a little more expensive than it’s McCompetitors. So when it came time to grab a steak with a couple of buddies, there was really only one choice and that was Scotch ‘n Sirloin.

SnS is the type of place that despite my knowing where it is, I always forget how to find it.  It’s tucked away in plain sight, adjacent to the KeyBank right next to Shopping-notquitedeadbutmightaswellbe-town Mall.  It has inauspicious wood siding, like it was a syrup manufacturer.  But when you step inside, you get the feeling that a lot of money and a lot of world changing deals are exchanged inside of those walls.

They have a relatively small menu, which I found to be refreshing to not have to go through seven pages just to find the steaks.  They have a little garden bar that comes free with every entrée which is a nice touch and they won’t put your steak on until you hit the salad bar – because nothing is worse than getting your dinner when still working on your app.  Seriously.

My friends went with a calamari app, I went with their daily special of crab and bacon stuffed mushrooms, which was so good that I barely remembered to get a picture of it. For entrees, I went prime rib with sweet potato fries, medium rare; my one friend went ribeye with onions and the other a filet of sole.  We were all very to extremely satisfied with our meals, so if you are looking for an great meal you can find an excellent steak at Scotch ‘n Sirloin .

Quick notes:

They have rotating servers, so if you find your cute waitress replaced by Boris, you aren’t in Taken 3.

It is fairly expensive: dinner for three guys with appetizers and no alcohol was almost $120.  So she’d better be really good looking (or you’re getting played for an expensive meal) if you take a new date there.


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