Boulangerie | Franklin Square’s Lunch break

Franklin Square – one of the most well-known, historical areas in Syracuse.  Once a booming area full of industry and factories, Franklin Square now plays home to more than a few of Syracuse’s businesses and high-end lofts. Nestled into the heart of the hustle and bustle associated with an 8-hour workday is Boulangerie, a sandwich shop with crispy baguettes and sandwich combinations that with blow your mind.

Boulangerie, at 526 Plum St., is a delicious sandwich shop posted up right in the middle of Central New Yorkers’ most populated work place – which makes it the perfectly convenient shop to grab lunch. With options like fresh cut smoked turkey, dill cheddar cheese, garlic herb mayo and spinach on a crispy, freshly-baked multi-grain baguette, your taste buds will surely be dancing.


Or how about a smoked turkey, baked ham, cheddar, apricot mustard sandwich with spinach on a fresh French baguette.


Sounds pretty good right? Well it tastes even better.  So next time you’re traveling in or around Franklin Square, stop into Boulangerie for a tasty sandwich to fill your belly.


John Timmerman is the producer of Project Rock City and a Syracuse native – he writes random words on pages about how Syracuse inspires him.




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