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If there is one thing that I have learned in my travels around Syracuse and Central New York, it’s that coffee is awesome:  awesome in the way that fireworks are awesome, and it’s awesome in the way that dudes getting shot out of cannons are awesome. You know, it’s the kind of awesome that reminds you of playing cops and robbers as a kid, standing victoriously over the tied-up robber with your foot upon their back.
If I had to pick one place to get coffee before I died, it would be Café Kubal.

There is a significant reason behind that, too. It’s not because they have the perfect type of flavored creamer that I like, or my brand of artificial sweetener.  It’s simply because they know their shot when it comes to coffee. I mean, they REALLY know their coffee.

I dare you to find another coffee shop in town that will ask you when you walk in, “would you like that drip or pour-over?” Huh…pour-over? Yes, the pour-over coffee is the result of a process that might take a few more minutes than recieving a brew from an urn. The pour-over coffee process allows the water to pull more flavor out of the organic, freshly-roasted coffee into your cup.  Your taste buds will thank you.
Another question you may have is: Where does this amazing coffee have its roots?  It’s important and facinating to know where your coffee originates from.  The simple answer: all over the world.
To show Syracuse exactly where these coffee beans are coming from, Café Kubal owner, Matt Goddard, is holding the first of many Skype sessions with the farmer  from Honduras, one of the many places where Café Kubal gets their coffee beans for roasting.  That’s right, you can find out directly from the source why Café Kubal’s coffee is truly from the soul.

FRIDAY | 3501 James St. – Eastwood | 3:00pm


Café Kubal has been a staple in many coffee-lovers (addicts) lives for the past five years.  Whether you visit their flagship location in Eastwood, their spacious Downtown Syracuse location on Salina Street, or their newly-minted Syracuse University location in Marshall Square Mall – the baristas at Café Kubal are giving everyone’s day a little ‘perk’ with a whole lot of love.


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