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What is Project Rock City?

What kinds of things can you expect when watching an episode of Project Rock City?

  • An inside look into the “knock-your-socks-off” hot spots in your city.
  • Where to find the best places to eat, drink and be Merry!
  • You will meet the owners and staff that make these amazing venues “Go”.
  • A behind the scenes look at how these venues prepare your food and make sensational drinks.
  • Follow us as we see what kinds of shenanigans we can get into in YOUR city!

About John

John is a serial entrepreneurial.  He truly cannot just “settle” as they say.  He is constantly looking for a way to improve in business and within himself.  John spent 10 years in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer, manager and a business owner. He founded an online personal training company called The New Fit, which could help people all across the globe get the benefits of having a personal trainer no matter where they were living, vacationing or working.  It was during this time as a personal training business owner that he fell in love with the process of creating a business from idea to implementation.

After moving from Syracuse, to Boston, to Richmond, VA over the span of 5 years he finally came back to Syracuse to be close to friends and family.  While The New Fit was a major educational experience, it did not turn out to be successful.  He again found work as a personal trainer and eventually moved to a position focused heavily on digital marketing and PR for the fitness facility he trained at.

Fast forward a few years and he has been bitten by the “biz bug” again and launching Project Rock City is the most fun he has had in years.

About Jason

Jason has always been attracted to visual arts.  This led him to purse a  career in video production, editing and 3D animation.  His passion has  brought him to film corporate commercials, major sporting events and help develop many company brands.

Having grown up surrounded and involved in sports like mountain biking, skiing, aggressive rollerblading and roof jumping, it’s no wonder he ended up loving to film exciting events.

Jason spent his whole life in Syracuse, NY.  He has an undying love for the city that introduced him to his profession and his beautiful family.  Jason and his beautiful wife Sarah have 3 kids and spend their free time hiking and participating in outdoor activities.

Launching Project Rock City is feeding the creative monster inside him.  Oh, and he LOVES seafood!

mailadvert777@gmail.com mailadvert777@gmail.com mailadvert777@gmail.com

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About ProjectRockCity

Project Rock City is a unique source for the most interesting, exciting and unique places in your city. Our growing community is made up of college students, young professionals, married couples, plumbers, attorneys, bartenders, and everyone else who loves good food and unique experiences. Join us to Find Your Fun.