Breakfast, Lunch and Drunk at The Study Hall- Cortland, NY

John and crew were scouring Cortland for a dive bar to get some good wings and a few (5-10) beers to wash them down.  We found The Study Hall on [...]

The Dark Horse Tavern- Project Rock City

  When Project Rock City explores a new city, we make sure to go out with a bang.  The Dark Horse Tavern in Cortland, NY was the perfect venue to [...]

Coffee Mania- Project Rock City

If you ask the local residents of Cortland, NY what one word they would use to describe Coffee Mania, they will probably respond with “necessity” or “love”.  That’s because owners [...]

A Little Cortland History: The Cortland Alumni House

Being that I am an Alumni of SUNY Cortland, I wanted to give tribute to some of the history behind the town. The Alumni House is a historical landmark that [...]

The Smokin’ Mule- Project Rock City

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a fork, a knife, a beer and a heaping pile of delicious pulled pork. However, it’s a different story when it’s 5lbs of [...]

BRIX Pubaria- Project Rock City

  Project Rock City started it’s journey to check out the most amazing spots in Cortland, NY with BRIX Pubaria. It’s a unique blend of rock n’ roll atmosphere, creative [...]

Project Rock Cortland: Day 2

Done.  That pretty much sums up the sensory capability of my entire being.  My taste buds, eye balls, ear drums , informational capacity and fist pumping ability are all worn [...]

Project Rock Cortland: Day 1

Well, day one of our dive into the college town of Cortland, NY is in the books.  I have years of partying experience in this quaint town full of enthusiastic [...]


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