Rockin The Docks @ Inn On the Docks

Summer is a hot commodity here in Syracuse, NY and when we find a place like Inn On the Docks that has an outdoor deck, music and delicious food, it [...]

The “Rock-It List” – Top Picks For the Week of 9/24

This week’s “Rock It List” FOOD The Goudapest Burger @ Street Eats (Widewaters Parkway) Tuesday 9/25- Ok anything with Gouda cheese in it is usually pretty good, but then you add [...]

Cold Beer And Great Wings to be Found @ OC’s Fat Boy BBQ

Every Sunday, my buddy and I like to do what a lot of other guys do: watch football, drink beer and  harass any Jet fans we find (GO BILLS).  Naturally, [...]

Hoppy Happy Hour @ Empire Brewing Company | Syracuse, NY

Empire Brewing Company boasts some of the best craft beer, most mouth watering menus and amazingly unique atmospheres in Central New York.  This makes it absolutely perfect for an episode [...]

Darwin: Quirky Menu and Perfect Execution

There are few things in this world that are better than an awesome sandwich, especially if you exclude roller coasters and monster trucks.  Thankfully for us, Darwin is here to [...]

Struttin’ Stuff @ the Syracuse Style Fashion Show

Syracuse Style Fashion Show tore up the streets of Armory Square Thursday night with local fashion and a big city feel!  We had a blast watching the studs rock the [...]

Mind, Body and Strength @ Wolf Brigade Gym in Rochester, NY

  Before you complain that you are too busy, too out of shape, too tired, too sick, too whatever…ask yourself, do you think the people that are in shape have [...]

Break The Chain (Restaurants) – Excellent Steak at Scotch ‘n Sirloin

If there’s one thing I rarely tolerate are chain restaurants.  Unless you are travelling somewhere and need a bathroom break or have a severe glucose/brain matter deficiency, there really isn’t [...]

This Week’s “Rock-it List”: 9/17-9/23

Welcome to the first installment of the Rock City “Rock-it List”. It is not an event listing. It is NOT a cluster-f*#k of everything going on in this salty city. [...]

Don’t be a Diva, get to the Burger Joint.

The Burger Joint, nee Laci’s Burger Joint, is a tiny spot that is very easy to miss on James St. in the heart of Eastwood.  As you can imagine, they [...]

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