Chocolate and Vines | Tasty treats in Rochester, NY

  Chocolate and Vines took some of the best ways to treat yourself with food, and made it their business. Chocolate, wine, cheese, beer, coffee and tea are some of [...]

Mind, Body and Strength @ Wolf Brigade Gym in Rochester, NY

  Before you complain that you are too busy, too out of shape, too tired, too sick, too whatever…ask yourself, do you think the people that are in shape have [...]

Fish N’ Chips and Cask Ale @ The Old Toad in Rochester, NY

  I’ve always wondered what it was like to party across the pond.  What does the beer taste like?  How about the food?  What is type of atmosphere?  The Old [...]

The Man, The Myth, The Legend of Photography | George Eastman

  Many people say many things about the man, George Eastman.  However, when you visit Rochester, NY to explore his vast mansion and botanical gardens, you will not only hear [...]

Becoming A Coffee Geek @ Joe Bean Coffee Roasters – Rochester, NY

  Joe Bean Coffee Roasters in Rochester, NY is definitely not your typical café.  They use computers to make sure their coffee is roasted absolutely perfect.  They pair coffee with certain foods [...]

Gourmet Fast Food @ The Gate House

When we think pizza or burgers we think of a quick, greasy meal that will satisfy the most monstrous hunger.  Well The Gate House in Rochester, NY taught us that you can [...]

Golf, Beer and Food @ The Golf Play Cafe in Rochester, NY

The Golf Play Cafe is a fantastic restaurant with fine-dining quality food and golf simulators to offer the perfect mix of food, fun and great spirits.  Our visit was incredibly [...]

Project Rock City Is ‘Made For Living’

By: John Timmerman – Photo: Michael Johnson How many really great experiences have you had in the past 2 days?  I want you to think back and pick out the [...]


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